Derby-Ipswich-Newcastle, 12th Aug 2019 - 31st Aug 2019

Workshop Structure

Workshop Structure


Students will be divided into 3 groups depending on age and ability etc.

There will be hour time-slots for Dance, Acting and Singing. During these sessions the 3 age groups will be learning various sections from Broadway and West End musicals which they will then perform onstage during the 2 showcases on the final Saturday.

The children will also be working on some pieces as a whole group at the beginning and end of each day, so there will be opportunities for some larger ensemble performances.

The children will be working all week with Enchanted Entertainment's Christmas and Easter Panto creatives: Kerry Blaskett for Dance, Jezz Weatherall for Singing and Guy Pascall for Acting.

A typical workshop day (Mon-Fri) would look as follows:

09:00 – 09.45… Registration, Dance and Vocal Warm-ups, Drama Games etc. (ALL GROUPS)
09.45 – 10.00… Break
10.00 – 11.00… Ensemble Performances (ALL GROUPS)
11.00 – 11.15… Break
11.15 – 12.15… Dance/Acting/Singing Carousel #1 (3 GROUPS)
12.15 – 13.15… Lunch
13.15 – 14.15… Dance/Acting/Singing Carousel #2 (3 GROUPS)
14.15 – 14.30… Break
14.30 – 15.30… Dance/Acting/Singing Carousel #3 (3 GROUPS)
15.30 – 15.45… Break
15.45 – 16.45… Ensemble Performances (ALL GROUPS)
16.45 – 17.00… Notes and preparation for end of session.



As the workshop involves movement, sensible and comfortable clothing is recommended for all the children. Either jazz shoes/plimsolls or trainers would be ideal footwear.

We will provide a few basic costumes for some sections of the Saturday performances and will also ask if the children can bring a few bits and pieces from their own wardrobe if needed.

The content of the end week showcase is flexible therefore we will advise the children as the week progresses.

We certainly do not require that you or the children spend additional money on this.



We will give the children adequate breaks for refreshment and we will provide drinking water throughout the day.

There maybe no facilities for food at the venue, so we ask if you can provide the children with a packed lunch sufficient for the day.

We do not allow the children out at lunch for child protection reasons.



In addition to the teachers, we provide licenced chaperones at all times during the workshop and showcases.

They will be present throughout the week to ensure the safety of the children and we will have a first aid kit in the charge of Jacky Blaskett (our Head Chaperone) who is also an ex nurse.



We understand it is the school holidays and children want to have fun, but at the same time they are here to learn and enjoy working together. As with their regular schools, we would not expect any child to deliberately behave badly and cause trouble for the teachers or other children on the workshop.

We certainly do not tolerate bullying or abuse from any of the students and we reserve the right to remove the children from the room and either address the issue ourselves or contact the parent/guardian if necessary.



At the end of the week on Saturday, we will be staging 2 performances (of the same show) at 2pm and 6pm to showcase the work the children have done throughout the week.

There will be solo and group performances within this and we will provide sound/radio microphones and lighting to enhance this performance.

The children will be involved in both performances so you can choose which one to see – or why not come to both!